Help with first application (Flashlight app, noob)

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Help with first application (Flashlight app, noob)

Postby Junobug » Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:43 am

Okay, so I'm not a complete programming noob being that I know many other languages but I also wouldn't consider myself an expert. It's a hobby that I dabble in from time to time. I do however, feel really stupid for posting this little 'tutorial' project and needing help with it, but I thought... what the hell.

The problem: I was trying to use a timer to tell the app when to switch intents, each intent having a different layout being a different color (red white blue). I just wanted to use intents (although I'm not sure creating a new intent is necessary for changing the layout color of your current intent, or if that's possible) to have the screen flash from colors red, white and blue. I am getting no errors from Eclipse, but it still doesn't work. I'm sure there is a better way to do this, but I just want to know why mine doesn't work and maybe if someone has time, some suggestions on how I could make this application easier/better. I am sure using a timer is not even necessary and I doubt that multiple intents are even necessary.

BTW: I did not include finish(); to close my current intent before starting another so be careful running this app as it will loop/overload your memory if it actually worked. Maybe someone can help me out on how I can integrate that for an application such as this. Any help is appreciated. Source is below.

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