Handling double/multiple clicks of views

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Handling double/multiple clicks of views

Postby satishkumar_lskin » Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:24 pm

Hi All ,
I have a problem in handling double/multiple clicks of views in a View hierarchy. Say , for example , I have a GridView and I perform a double click on one of its child views.
The onClickListener of the child view gets invoked two times at unpredictable time-intervals. On Click of a Child View, I do some UI updates and render a new View hierarchy. The second click event also tries to perform the same UI update and I end up having the app crashed.
The same behaviour or a similar problem is faced if i click more than one child view on the GridView in quick succession.
How can this double/multiple clicks of views issue, be resolved ? Can anybody help, please ?
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