Forgiveness Of The Callaway FT-9 To Be Quite Reliable

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Forgiveness Of The Callaway FT-9 To Be Quite Reliable

Postby kangmake » Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:57 am

The 2009 Callaway FT9 is certainly a solid and efficient looking Driver. At first glance this looks an impressive club that can't help but grab a keen golfers attention.

The callaway ft 9 is available in draw or neutral set-ups with a variety of shaft options. It has been designed for power and accuracy, using Fusion and Hyperbolic Face Technology and the Optifit Weighting System.

While this callaway ft 9 driver uses state-of-the-art technology it manages to retain a traditional and classy look. The replacement for the popular FT-5 driver has Hyperbolic Face Technology, which means the thickness of the face has been strategically designed to increase ball speed across the whole surface area.

More power is transferred to the ball with the largest face of any Callaway Golf driver, plus increased MOI for shots hit high and low on the face, the callaway ft 9 draw generates significantly more carry by improving ball flight on miss-hits. While manufacturers have continued to push the limits of design, I have continued to use an older, more traditional club head and set up.

The best quality that the callaway ft 9 draw driver seemed to offer, was the ease at which you could work and shape the golf ball. But despite being a club that's quite easy to work, we found the overall accuracy and forgiveness of the FT9 to be quite reliable.

Distance wise we found the ft-9 draw driver to be also very similar to the FT5, pretty long, but not huge. It can be extremely annoying a lot of the time, to both you and your playing partners, when you use a driver that makes a lot of noise at impact.

In our opinion this is a very good quality for a golf club to have. Do you think so?
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Re: Forgiveness Of The Callaway FT-9 To Be Quite Reliable

Postby tommack » Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:44 am

Execute excellent shots with the Callaway Diablo Edge driver, a long-distance golf club.

For skilled and not-so-skilled amateur golfers alike, finding a driver that one can pick up and hit long, straight, and reliably is no easy task. The Diablo Edge callaway drivers is a prime example of this concept in action. The Diablo Edge is Callaway's latest effort to put easy-to-hit technology in the hands of your average golfer.

The most obvious visual feature of the callaway diablo edge driver for sale is it's shape which offers a pleasing blend of the traditional and the progressive. This shape also produces a slightly shallow face, which, though subjective, gave us a very confident look at address.

An all-titanium driver, the Diablo Edge offers pitch-perfect audible feedback, neither too muted nor too sharp. Our experience with the callaway diablo edge driver 10.5 was certainly a positive one. Even better, the club was very forgiving, as off-center hits did not typically produce disastrous results. All this while offering more than adequate distance.
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