EditText, Virtual Keypad & Menu issues

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EditText, Virtual Keypad & Menu issues

Postby gilado74 » Tue Dec 15, 2009 3:50 pm

I have several question regarding to EditText & Virtual Keypad:

1. How to catch the event when Tap on the EditText box?
I tried "OnKeyListener" but this one catch events just AFTER the Keypad opens
And I need to handle the event at the moment the user Tap on the edit Box

2. Is there any indication (System parameter or something) indicates if the keypad is currently open or not

3. Currently when I click on the menu button while the keypad is open,
the keypad closes immediately and the menu (I created Menu with 2 items: save, cancel) pop-ups.
Is it possible that the keypad will stay up and the menu will pop-up on-top of the keyPad?

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