Easy to Clean Your Colorbond Roof

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Easy to Clean Your Colorbond Roof

Postby ersxaer » Sun Mar 10, 2013 3:31 pm

Colorbond is a type of colored steel used for roofing, walls, gutters, and fencing for both personal and commercial use. This versatile, durable building material is manufactured by Bluescope Steel, an Australian company that manufactures various steel products. Colorbond steel is specifically designed to withstand Australia's weather conditions and has a thermal efficiency coating that provides year round comfort. Colorbond steel is quite easy to maintain and does not require any special cleaning products.

1. Locate the areas of your Colorbond steel that do not naturally come in contact with rainwater, such as walls or fences. Roofs and gutters are naturally washed by the rain and do not usually require regular maintenance.

2. Use a sponge and and a mild soap, such as dish soap, to clean the entire surface.

3. Gently clean the surface, so that you don't scrape the steel. Scraping the steel will result in shiny spots where the protective coating has been stripped away.

4. Rinse off the area immediately after cleaning, to prevent and soap spots. Use the gentle spray from a hose, or wipe away any remaining soap with a clean sponge and water.

Learn more info about colorbond roof here at http://www.allroofingservices.com.au/colorbond-roof/, also you can get a new roof from these guys or get it fixed if necessary.
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