Display a dialog on top of the incoming phone activity

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Display a dialog on top of the incoming phone activity

Postby fm » Tue Oct 21, 2008 11:33 pm


I'm developing an application to enrich call presentation by caller identity. the caller identity is requested in a server reached through web service.
Then I want to display a toast or alert dialog on incoming call, with button to provide capability to answer the call or reject it.

When I try to display a toast, it is displayed in the same time the incoming call activity is shown, but unfortunately, a toast don't have focus and event if it contains button, the click has no effect.

If I try to display a dialog box, it is behind the incoming call screen. Is there a way to force the alert dialog of my application to be displayed on top of the incoming call screen. I have a look in WindowManager.Layout and find a "Window type" parameter with PHONE_TYPE and PHONE_PRIORITY_TYPE, and try to change my dialog type but it thrown an exception (incorrect IBinder).

Thank you for help.
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