Customizable ViewGroup

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Customizable ViewGroup

Postby Jbeer » Wed Nov 26, 2008 11:59 am

Hello everybody.

I am creating some kind of API to customize and make the most transparent posible the conversion of Views to Bitmaps (using canvas).

the inputs should be:

Images, with the size and positions
Text, with some styles and positios

the output is:

the resulting bitmap from the conversion.

The point is, inside de API, I add an ImageView to the parent (can be a ViewGroup, AbsoluteLayout , RelativeLayout...), then when the "insertText" method is implemented I need to take care not to put the text over the images that the user has inserted before.

Because in the implementation, for every children I insert in the parent, I have to use "layout()" indicating the Abosolute position of the element relative to the parent:

Is there any way to do this, but taking in consider the positions of the other elements in the ViewGroup?

Hope I explained mysefl good enought. If not, I will try again. ;)

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