Creating a dynamical User Interface

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Creating a dynamical User Interface

Postby beeshop » Tue Aug 12, 2008 9:53 am

Hi All,

this is my first post, on this great resource that is androiddev. :lol:
I'm doing an application that receives a xml in J2me and from it creates a user interface, that in runtime reads the xml and creates a UI. In J2me I've created a parser of the xml with a limited number of components that when present creates the UI that I want catching events, etc....

Now my challenge is to do the same with android.
First option that I have is to do exactly the same, that is, read a xml of the same format( of the one I have in J2ME) and create a parser. That seems to me a bit of work since all the info in android is about the XML Resource. Little info about creating graphical components by code.

Now about doing the same but with the XML Resource...
With the XML Resource that android has it seems to me that will be much better to use this format to create the user interface that I want. My problem is:
I wan to to receive when the application is already running, somewhere in the file system the XML Resource file that will build the GUI. Is that possible? How can I do It? For instance, I will load the first android xml formatted file to build my first screen but then i will receive in the file system other xml files that I will want to read. Is it possible to put the files in res/layout in runtime, and for the application to read them after the application is already running?

Sorry for the size of the post, but I'm on this for some time, and I haven't found anything related to this runtime issue. Maybe some sugestion from you, may give that click that I'm needing.

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