Convert/Rip DVD to Google Nexus 10 with Nexus 10 DVD Ripper

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Convert/Rip DVD to Google Nexus 10 with Nexus 10 DVD Ripper

Postby stevenjoen » Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:13 am

Many people may have stored many DVD discs so they can watch them on DVD Player or computer from time to time. How about playing DVD on Google Nexus 10 directly? In this way you can avoid getting discs scratched or damaged; moreover, you can enjoy their DVD movies with your Google Nexus 10 anywhere they like. However, there is any DVD-ROM on your Google Nexus 10, all you need is just a very easy step, riping/converting DVD movies to Google Nexus 10 suitable format MP4 and backup the movies to it.

If you are one of such users and want to play DVD movies on Google Nexus 10, you need to turn the DVD into a video file first. Follow below steps to get playable videos for your Google Nexus 10.

Step1: Need a DVD on Google Nexus 10 converter

To play DVD on Google Nexus 10, you need a DVD converter. Download and install DVD to Google Nexus 10 Converter. With this powerful converter, you can convert DVD movies to MP4 ready for your Google Nexus 10.

Step 2: Add DVD movie to Google Nexus 10 DVD Converter

Launch UFUSoft DVD Ripper as the best DVD to Google Nexus 10 Converter and Click “Load DVD” to load DVD from disc or Load DVD IFO from PC.

Step 3. Choose audio and subtitle for Google Nexus 10 video. (optional)

Click the Subtitle option and choose the preferred subtitle language for display on Google Nexus 10 video.

Click the Audio option and choose the audio language for Google Nexus 10 video.

Step 4: Select video format for Google Nexus 10

Click the "Format" option, and navigate the mouse cursor to HD Video > HD H.264 Video(*.mp4) as the output format. For comparing H.264 MP4 and MPEG-4 MP4, you will get higher quality by choosing H.264 MP4, which is currently the best used format for the recording with its high quality and maximum compression. And choose HD H.264 MP4 can let you enjoy HD movie effect.


And you can move mouse to right panel and adjust video/audio settings, such as Video Codec, Video Bitrate, Video frame rate, Audio Codec, Audio Bitrate, Audio Sample Rate, Audio Channel, etc to get a satisfied output video quality and video size.

Step 5: Rip DVD for Google Nexus 10 MP4

Press Convert button, then the DVD Converter will start encoding your DVD movie into desired output format.

Step 6: Find output file MP4 and transfer to Google Nexus 10

Once conversion is finished, click “Open” button on the main interface. Connect your Google Nexus 10 to PC via USB, and then sync/transfer converted DVD files to Google Nexus 10 for enjoying.
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