Carl has tailored therefore well, in fact, that it’s worryin

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Carl has tailored therefore well, in fact, that it’s worryin

Postby Ever47 » Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:43 pm

Carl has tailored therefore well, in fact, that it’s worrying, perhaps additional therefore than zombie heads in fish tanks. you'll be able to slice this show in a very heap of how. perhaps it’s regarding the Holocaust. Considering the governor’s comments last night, perhaps it’s regarding act of terrorism. perhaps it’s regarding however the pressure to survive determines however people and teams act and conflict. It’s in all probability regarding all of those things and additional, however the foremost resonant side of this show to ME is trauma and the way folks answer it. Do they adapt, like Shane and Carl? Do they blame themselves, like Rick? Or do they blame God and clutch urgently to what once was, reach for unscrupulous power, and take a look at dispiritedly to lift the dead — just like the Governor? every response permits a private to endure, not like Jacqui, however every has its own worth. For Carl, it’s innocence. For Rick, it’s his leadership. For the Governor, it’s saneness.

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