Callaway Diablo Edge Driver Looks Good

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Callaway Diablo Edge Driver Looks Good

Postby Angelbabysister » Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:32 am

Now, some people can be forgiven for thinking there is a little bit exaggerated, but we have seen first-hand claims, in fact, is no exaggeration, this is in the windy conditions and when it is calm. The new high performance Callaway Diablo Edge Driver not only looks great but also utilizes the very latest cutting edge design and technology to provide you with both maximum driving distance and accuracy off of the tee.

Made from Titanium, the Callaway Diablo Edge Driver is constructed from a special 4 piece design that fuses together the main components of the cup face, crown, sole and internal weight. This special construction design enables Callaway engineers to create a lower and deeper center of gravity and a higher moment of inertia, which results in a smoother more balanced golf swing and a longer penetrating ball flight.

To help improve feel and performance, Callaway have introduced their S2H2 technology which shortens the hosel and allows the tip of the shaft to move down towards the sole of the Callaway FT-iQ Driver. This also repositions the weight in the perimeter of the golf club for more stability. Having the shaft tip nearer the center of the clubface on the Callaway Diablo Edge Driver will give you superior feel and control over your drives.

Maybe not every single person for the first time using this driver will see the amount of revenue, but it is less likely to see the maximum harvest the higher the lame. For low handicap players hit the ball decent driving distance, may see such a dramatic effect, but should still be sure to see some extra yardage.

Not only that, but it is easily the power of the Callaway Diablo Edge driver does not need to be the most hit. It is worthy of recognition will benefit players, like the swing drive abit slower than Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver. However, in addition to the tremendous power and easy to play, the other major quality of the dark edge of the driver manufacturing has great forgiveness, and will not be disappointing.

This is a very simple driver, so simple, is hard not to mid-or even play golf almost dead straight 90% of the time, discount golf clubs high-lameness, the reliability of the driver. If you have a nasty hook or slice to eliminate this club is definitely worth a try.
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