Branding: reuse project with different resource

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Branding: reuse project with different resource

Postby Loda » Tue Dec 15, 2009 11:09 am


the idea is to have x version of the same application with a different logo header and application name. (Branding)

I need to compile the same project many time with different resource (change some string, some images and ev. a class).

I do NOT want to select resource in fct of the screen/country/device, but compile with different resources.

I did not found any doc (at all) about this kind of issue. In many IDE you got a "configuration" system that allow you to compile the same project with different file and/or to use "#if define" to change some code before compiling it.

Does something similar exist in Eclispe / Andoid ?
How do you manage this kind of problem ?
Will I have to create a project for each config ?

Any idea is appreciate,

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