best software for adding effect to videos on windows

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best software for adding effect to videos on windows

Postby lindairion » Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:35 am

"How to add special effects to a video with free software and also recommend the once i have to buy? i want to make homemade movies and i would like to know how can i add special effects like in transformers and transformers 2 and tell me how to make robots like them in softwares i prefer free once and the once i have to buy"

"How do I add effects to my video? And when I say effects I mean coloring. I'm using WMM at the moment and I'm using clips from other YouTube videos to make mine. What I'm asking is how do you cross process your videos or make them black and white or any of that? I know how to make my pictures like that (I use PicMonkey), but I don't know how to add effects like that on videos."

Full of video editing effects, iOrgsoft Video Editor empowers you easy add video effect to your videos with either common video effect like Video Contrast, Video Saturation, Video Brightness, Video Hue or special video effect, such as Video Adjust, Video Distortion, Video Filter and special video transition effect.The guide below will show you how to edit MPG files step by step

Step 1: Load Video
Free download Video Editor to pop up the following main interface

Step 2: Common video editing effects
Hit the video of either Video A or Video B in the timeline below, click Settings on the top of the panel to pop up a Windows, click Video sub-tab to empower you adjust your video effect like Video Contrast, Video Saturation, Video Brightness, Video Hue.

Step 3: video special effects

1) add video effects Just the same way as step 2, hit the video in the timeline and click Settings to pop up a Windows, click Effect sub-tab where you can add special effect to your video. There are more than 50 video effect template choosing from three categories: Adjust, Distortion and Filter.
2’ Add best video effects
You can add special video transition effect using video transition effects.

Step 4: Save and publish
After finish editing, hit Save and publish to save video files. Here you can change video and audio parameters such as bit rate, encoder, resolution and so on. When finish settings, click Next to save the video.

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