Best method to convert Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI to ProRes MOV

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Best method to convert Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI to ProRes MOV

Postby vivian68 » Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:13 am

Best method to convert Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI to ProRes MOV for FCP(X) on Mac

Summary: Follow this post you will know the best way to load Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI in Final Cut Pro(X) for editing with ProRes 422 codec.

The E-M5 is the first of Olympus' OM-D range of Micro Four Thirds cameras and is styled to look like the its classic OM series SLRs. The biggest video news on the E-M5 is the move away from the occasionally confusing AVCHD arrangement that shuffled video files off into an obscure folder structure. The knowledge that it makes it easier to copy video to Blu-ray discs and allowed longer clips to be recorded came as little consolation to users trying to remember where it would have put their video files. Instead the E-M5 saves its video as H.264 MOV files, which are essentially very similar (as they use the same codec), just a lot easier to work with.

The E-M5 can capture 1080i60 video from 30p sensor output - a process called progressive segmented frame, that means it can be edited as if it were 30p footage. However, there are no options to natively record in 24p or at frame rates that are a multiple of 25 for PAL or SECAM TVs. Two compression options are available - 20Mbps fine quality, which limits individual clips to around 22 minutes, or a 17Mbps normal option that lets the camera record up to its 29 minute limit.


As this E-M5 record videos in MOV/AVI format, you may meet some problems when edit the video files such as edit in FCP (X). MOV/AVI is not well supported by FCP (X) natively, you will need to convert Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI to Apple ProRes 422 codec MOV before editing in FCP (X). To do the job, Pavtube HD Converter for Mac is a good tool.

How to load Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI to Final Cut Pro (X) for editing without rendering?

FCP (X) best supported video format is Apple ProRes 422 codec MOV format, so FCP X doesn’t support Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI footages well. The best method to solve this problem is to convert Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI footage to ProRes for editing in Final Cut Pro X, you can follow the steps below to transcode Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI to FCP X for editing without rendering.

1.Load MOV/AVI files

After install and launch the Pavtube Mac E-M5 to FCP Converter, drag and drop Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI file. You can drag several files to the program directly


2.Choose output format

Apple ProRes MOV is the best format for Final Cut Pro (X), here you just need to choose the target application as output format, for example, "Final Cut Pro"->"Apple ProRes 422(*.mov)".


3. Do some settings as you want.


4.Transcode Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI to FCP (X)

At last, hit the "Convert" button to transcode Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI to FCP (X). With this Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI to Apple ProRes 422 converter, you can easily change Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI files to FCP (X) for editing, this software runs fast, so you can convert your Olympus E-M5 MOV/AVI footages to FCP (X) in less time, video and audio synchronization are perfectly guaranteed, after converting you can follow this guide to import videos to FCP (X) for editing.


1. With this Olympus E-M5 to ProRes 422 Converter, you can easily change E-M5 files to FCP X for editing, this software runs fast, so you can convert your E-M5 MOV/AVI footages to FCP in less time. You can find more tips and tricks on FCP in Pavtube FCP column.

2. If you want to edit E-M5 in FCE/iMovie, just following Olymus E-M5 MOV/AVI to AIC guide and have a try.

3. If you want to burn your vivid videos to DVD disc or ISO files for backup or storage, you can take a try on Pavtube DVD Creator for Mac, which is a great DVD burning software, you can take this video to DVD guide for example.

4. If you have any problem, pls contact with / to get more information. You also can leave a message on Pavtube Community or Pavtube Facebook, we will answer your questions as soon as possilble.

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