autogrowing list

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autogrowing list

Postby phanthanhtrung86 » Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:07 pm

Hello all!
Now, i am want to learn how to make the autogrowing list. I have read many code to do this like endless adpater of Murphy or article on android guys. But they don't have any saple project. I am new bee in this android. Please help me to do this.
It takes me 3 days to study this. But i don't have any results.
PS: I have do the way which Murphy show on the website commonware and i have try that code. But, it has a error that when i reach the end of the list, it will spin to download more datat from server. but while i scroll up , i see many row spinning too. It has an error like that. Please help me by answer for me an sample project to do this.
Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!
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