Alignment Of Cheap Golf Clubs Is The Trump Card

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Alignment Of Cheap Golf Clubs Is The Trump Card

Postby kangmake » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:56 pm

For those who like the coolest looking new clubs on the market, you may want to try the TaylorMade Spider Ghost Putter.

The new cheap golf clubs is the latest in the company’s ongoing monster mash-up of the Ghost and Spider franchises. As with all Ghost putters, the white leading edge of the topline is designed to enhance visual contrast for improved alignment reference.

The MOI on the Ghost Spider is higher than any taylormade putters to date, including earlier Ghost putter models. Translation? The Ghost Spider S should be might stable and forgiving on miss-hits. In an interesting note on the putter fitting front, the Ghost Spider S will be available in two hosel configurations that create different balance properties.

A new short-slant hosel option creates a toe-hang balance, intended to match an arcing stroke. When first seeing the taylormade putters 2012, I thought these lines would throw me off and be to busy for me but they really help on keeping the ball aligned and centered on the club.

Rich and more durable white finish eliminates glare, high contrast with turf makes aiming easy. New large performance mallet shape promotes great feel and excellent stability on mis-hits. Out of the box the taylormade putters prices look great. The white finish has almost no gloss at all and to the touch feels like perhaps its some type of powder coating.

I’ve read complaints about the Manta tending to flop open because of the sole design, and I’ve noticed this in standard length versions, but this cheap taylormade putters version soles square and definitely does not flip open like I’ve experienced with its shorter sisters.

For me, the spider theme is a little crazy but I think it has a unique fun look to it. I recommend you to try it.
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Re: Alignment Of Cheap Golf Clubs Is The Trump Card

Postby tommack » Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:42 am

The Mizuno MP Irons are absolutely great. These clubs are great for shot shaping.

The mizuno mp58 irons with revolutionary DUAL MUSCLE TITANIUM Technology! Classic muscle back player's iron with just a hint of a cavity that harks back to an earlier time; thin head squares up easily to the target.

The mizuno mp53 irons are not intended for the blade set, they are intended to attract those mid handicappers who have always felt that previous MP models were not forgiving enough for them. They are aimed at those who have played player's clubs in the past, but now want a little more forgiveness.

The mizuno mp60 irons are pretty much right on the money in terms of accuracy and distance is actually very good, especially for blades. It is very easy to work the ball with these irons and they are an absolute joy to hit.

Just like the MP-52 irons, the mizuno mp62 irons employ the same Dual Muscle technology with an outer pad that allows for a "precisely placed center of gravity" for workability and an inner pad that provides for better feel and feedback. No different from the rest of the MP lineup, the MP-62 irons go through Mizuno's patented Grain Flow Forging which results in producing an iron that gives you that patented "Mizuno feel."
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