Air Jordan 4 Thunder Fall 2012 - the last two days

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Air Jordan 4 Thunder Fall 2012 - the last two days

Postby alicesandra » Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:52 am

jordan 4 thunder James's outside shooting has become a multi-horror game victory over the Rockets get the best candidates. The audience shot 14-of-26 from beyond the arc in James 5-8, to take this level career half maximum score of 32 points. To the number of people a deeper impression on his face of Patterson's defense, the three-point line one meter away that in mind slightly exaggerated pull up jump shot.
jordan 4 "In the face of such a player, you can only try not to let his best at offensive, forcing him to fade away in the distance," said Jeremy Lin, "but in the second half, he became familiar with in this way, and then thrown a few looks ridiculous threes. "James last season from beyond the arc only shot 149 times, hit 54, but the hit rate of 36.2% is already a new career high. James almost anything to the face of the offensive end, put his two-thirds vote is not the way to approach. Once he found on the outside "game mode" that opponents can only fool nonetheless. "It is they let me, so I chose not inside shot,
air jordan 4 Wade (microblogging) seems James Although not known as a pitcher, but that ball into the basket endowments. "He is a shot maker (shot-mak-er)," Wade said, "When the players enter the area he used to, you think he can do almost anything he is not a pitcher, pitcher like Ray (Allen), but he knew how the ball dropped. "James outside almost no solution performance, even let Wade thought touched by God's Tracy McGrady. Tracy - Tracy Retie can do things like that, "he said," He (James) is so different, and I'm glad he is on our side. "James, an inch of progress, may be able to be attributed one-third pitcher for the team brought in Allen competitive atmosphere. In fact, the Heat team also often internal test of it is the end of the first training, a reporter asked to wipe Allen, whether easily won the squad's third of the game when, Allen has a look and said seriously: "I did not LeBron win, do not bother you believe it or not." this year's the Chinese race before training, James won the "Master" a.
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