A Bit More Forgiveness With Titleist Fairway Woods

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A Bit More Forgiveness With Titleist Fairway Woods

Postby kangmake » Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:49 am

Where you can find performance reviews on some of the best woods from one of golfs top manufacturers. That's the ping fairway wood.

First established in 1932, Titleist for a long time now have been a respected and popular golf brand. A titleist fairway woods could give you the control and workability that you desire, from the tee and the fairway. Study any top golf tour across the globe, and you're likely to find a large number of the best players using some Titleist equipment.

A bit different to some other manufacturers such as TaylorMade and Mizuno, who often make clubs for golfers of varying degrees of ability. Outstanding players such as Rory Mcilroy and Adam Scott, are just two of the many PGA professionals today who have faith in Titleist golf clubs. The titleist fairway woods for sale are mostly made for better players that are seriously committed to their game.

The weight of the Titleist AP1 Irons is also nice and well balanced. When trying to work the ball into a fade or a draw, it was relatively straight forward with these titleist irons, without requiring too much effort. Along with there being a bit of that nasty vibration feeling you can get.

Some titleist irons 2012 can be a bit light or even a bit heavy, but these clubs have the weight just about right. Even hitting from heavy lies the AP1s were good at getting to the ball and advancing it down the fairway. Considering the clubs are aimed at the better player, this was a surprise, but a pleasant one.

As with the AP1s, like with a lot of irons designed for better players, miss-hits don't always respond all that well when landing on the green. However the flight still seemed to be relatively penetrating most of the time despite this titleist irons for sale.

So if you want to find out more about a specific Titleist clubs. Hopefully my reviews will give you the information you‘re looking for.
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Re: A Bit More Forgiveness With Titleist Fairway Woods

Postby tommack » Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:43 am

My old G15 with a Serrano shaft was a pretty good driver, long and forgiving.

To me, the V2 was a great driver with great shaft options, but never considered it as a super game improvement club like the K15. Lets see how many RAZR Hawks Callaway sells. They almost had to start with the ping golf clubs sets G15 and improve it.

The ping golf clubs online K15 is mega solid. Hit it just about anywhere on the face and you'll get decent results. Easily the most forgiving head that I have hit. Very solid on good swings or bad. I could not consistently work the ball either way. Now you would think that the weight in the heel would encourage a draw.

Accordingly, I thought that I would try my luck with the ping golf clubs australia K15, which is a supposedly straighter G15. This K15 is a 10.5 degree head with a stiff stock shaft. I like this shaft better than the Serrano. It doesn't keep the ball down as much, but it's more forgiving and does not seem to add too much spin.
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