3D "menu"

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3D "menu"

Postby Ery86 » Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:35 am

hi :)
I'm new of Android and I don't speak english very well :( , I hope you understand what is my question...
I would create a kind of "menu" on 3 levels (3D menu, with a depth), I mean, an image in foreground, and others in background, when I click a button all the images have to move in the screen (one of the images in background come to foreground, ecc...)
it is possible? If yes, how can I implement it?
Now I have created something similar, but in one level, giving to images different dimensions and positions on the screen, when I click the button images move and scale (using scale and translate methods). take a look at the attachment to see exactly what I mean.

thank you :D
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Postby padde » Wed Apr 29, 2009 11:22 am

Well.. you could kinda fake it or do the real deal with openGL stuff.
To fake it i would use a background image with alls pictures of the buttons
then on touch of the background define position and generate the needed button
or simple show it if you want to create all buttons at the beginning.
I think this could look quite real.
A real 3d menu is possible with openGL ES stuff i think.. but you have to
implement all stuff by yourself i guess.. like button clicking, button states etc. etc...

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