17 years old Li Min to golf tour match as a springboard to t

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17 years old Li Min to golf tour match as a springboard to t

Postby gall » Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:02 am

17 years old Li Min has now become one of the next generation of Taipei's most notable Goping g15 ironslf [micro-blog] players. A week by the Chinese women's tour international qualification examination, she was ready to here as the base, to lay the foundation for the United States at the end of LPGA[micro-blog] tour examination.

Li Min because last year in Malaysia LPGA match hit 66 pole a war becomes famous, in October last year, she turned to occupation player, but because she had to go to in June 3rd of this year before the age of 18, so the Japan LPGA Tour and tour the United States of America LPGA she can't test. But by the end of this year, she will be able to test. Thiping k15 ironss is herping g20 irons important reason for the choice of the Chinese women's tour, because the game if she only hit the island of Taiwan, there is too little.

Last week, Li Min tied for 38 in the Shanghai women's classic, it should be said that is not too ideal, but that game for she such players, more important still is to get a full card this year, but she did.

"A week do not appeal to me, it is not adapt to the green. The green grass and speed are the same as I am now practiced Taoyuan course is not the same. The course I practiced is relatively old course, so the grass and the new stadium is not the same as." Li Min said.

Obviously, Ningbo Oriental Green greater challengmizuno jpx 800 ironse. But Li Min looks very relaxed, she smiled and said: "as long as the bamizuno mp 59 ironsll intomizuno mp 69 irons the hole you can."

Li Min's mentality can so easily, perhaps because she is the Chinese women's tour as a training platform. She is in an interview also said frankly that this year is the focus of the United States of America -- not just at the end of the United States of America LPGA tour examination, also includes a series of years. "In the middle of May, I wimizuno mp 68 ironsll go to the United States,titleist ap2 712 irons I am ready to participate in the United States women's Open Championship qualifier." Li Min said, "I want to come back to the middle of July, where I will go to the Orlando Annika Institute of training, I would sign up for some small tour."

If Li Min's performance can be like last year LPGA Malaysia, believe her American road should be very smooth, will soon become Ceng Yani [micro-blog], Chinese Taipei and a notable star. At least the sponsors think so. Although only to occupation, Li Min already has four sponsors: China Trust, group pendulum shake, Le Kark (Le Coq), and AKIRA.

Li Min is very funny, very humorous, but she also is very modest. "I'm in a stage performance is good, do not represent what, Ititleist mb 712 irons can not afford to be complacent, because there are many stage." Li Min said, "I'm all aspects need to be strengthened, and the two main aspects, one is the psychological, the other one is rod, I need to spend more time to fathom.titleist cb 712 irons"
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