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AnkFood review

Postby madshus » Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:19 pm

Ankfood is Google android program that allows you to make your daily ration and learn the amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins in your favorite food. It contains a huge number of foods. Also, that is not a little important, there is an information about food which can be bought in fast-foods. Although it remains a mystery for me why in the McDonald's section there is only one item (but it has enough widespread network of snack-bars around the world).


The program interface is made in a minimalist style, however all is clear and there is a search for foods. It would be desirable to add pictures of food what have already tried to make developers in a new update.

An interesting feature of the program is a possibility of obtaining an advice on using foods based on data from FDA. Also you can see how many percent of protein, fat, carbohydrates from day norm (which derives from taking into account your data such as height, weight, age and level of physical activity) are in your diet. But I don't understand why the amount of calories is not specified. In my opinion it is necessary to add possibility to create new profiles.

The program will be very useful for the people adhering to a diet.
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