Android App Review – Supermarket

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Android App Review – Supermarket

Postby schedo » Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:04 pm

Supermarket is a simple and useful application for shopping. It has not only those basic shopping list features, Wishlist, Cart, but also some advanced features. I am very intrested in three of them.

1. Batch adding

When you enable the batch adding preference in setting, you can add batch items to wishlist with comma separator. It is very useful for merging wishlist between friends and families. For example, your wife send you sms or email of her wishlist, you only need copy all, and paste it in to wishlist input text. Then those items are added successfully.

2. Cart calculator

If you concern the cost of shopping, you can use cart calculator to get the total. When you get one item from wishlist, you can mark the cost and quantity. The cart calculator will get the total cost for you. If you do not, nothing will bother you.
3. Favorite list

For most phone users, they always try to avoid input anything no matter by hard keyboard or soft keyboard. If you have a favorite list, you can load wishlist from favorite list very easily.

Of cause, these are other features like backup, sharing and customization. In summary, I think Supermarket is one of the best android shopping applications. The price of $1.49 is totally worthy.
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