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Postby plusminus » Tue Dec 04, 2007 5:24 pm

We proudly present the awesome:
[align=center]DroidDraw - GUI Designer
:arrow: (no more manual xml-coding) [/align]
[align=right]powered by: brendan.d.burns[/align]
:idea: Features: RelativeLayout, AbsoluteLayout, Linearlayout; Buttons, EditTexts, CheckBoxes ...

[align=center]Try it yourself :)
<applet code="org.droiddraw.DroidDraw.class" codebase="" archive="droiddrawr1a6.jar" width="660" height="400">
Your browser needs to support Java Applets to run DroidDraw :!:

[align=center]:!: Big thx to brendan :!:

Check out the Google-Code of this project (click)[/align]

Best Regards, - Team
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