working with SDCard

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working with SDCard

Postby mala » Wed May 05, 2010 8:36 am

Hello plus minus,

I am new in this field. I am working with sdk2.1,eclipse in windows. I have seen a lot of post on emulating the SDCard. Also I already followed your tutorials regarding this.
But I can't do it properly.. ':oops:' Let me explain what I think about the SDCard emulation..

1. As we can't load the SDCard in emulator so we create a SDCard .img, nothing but an image file
2. We can't do any thing on the data like editing... here.
3.We have to give a path for a file where we want to see the files that are supposed to store in SDCard..

If these are the correct facts about the SDCard then.. I create a SDCard with size 512M in a emulator with the help of your flash doc. Then I want to push the file to the SDCard but it gives an error that no memory in the SDCard...':shock:'Now Please tell me..
Please gives the steps for the SDCard emulation..

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