Windows + adb driver: best driver already installed?

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Windows + adb driver: best driver already installed?

Postby peterkirn » Mon Nov 16, 2009 7:36 pm

I seem unable to convince Windows 7 (32-bit) to let me manually install the driver for my G1. I recall some similar trouble before on Vista (the same machine, prior to upgrading), but I was ultimately able to resolve that. Here, I can't seem to make a manual install work at all.

Steps to produce the problem:
1. Download the SDK drivers (for SDK 3).
2. Set the G1 to debug mode.
3. Connect via USB. Windows reports "USB Device Not Recognized" -- but
that's correct, as I haven't yet pointed it to the drivers.
4. Open Device Manager, find the associated entry for "Unknown Device" (the one that's the Android).
5. Right click, select Update Driver Software.
6. Select Browse my Computer.
7. Point to the appropriate directory; e.g., C:android-sdk3usb_driver
8. Windows reports, maddeningly:
The best driver software for your device is already installed.
Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date.
Unknown Device

I've tried:
1. Manually uninstalling the driver in Device Manager.
2. Uninstalling USB Mass Storage and all the drivers associated with HTC Android using the utility usbdeview, which apparently had worked for some people.
3. Disabling automatic driver installation in the Group Policy Editor, as described here: ... matic-dr...
... and restarting, and unplugging, and trying again, and nothing works. Windows is absolutely convinced that it's smarter than me and its out-of-box drivers are correct, even though they're not. I'm also using the HTC cable; I know someone had even seen an issue with that.

I've used this G1 with adb previously under Ubuntu and Windows Vista.

I'm just running out of ideas of other things to try. Any other thoughts? Has anyone successfully made the device work?

I think the issue is, if you connect *prior* to installing the driver, Windows opts for the Mass Storage class and then refuses to install anything else.
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Re: Windows + adb driver: best driver already installed?

Postby meetalisharma7 » Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:00 am


Did you find any solution for the problem. I have seeing same problem for the Window 7, the only difference is that it installs the drivers on its own as a mass storage device and even if I update the driver to the android one, it doesnt help. If I uninstall it, and plug the device again, it installs the 'media storage device' automatically and wont let me do choose the driver :(

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