What do you know about flash?

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What do you know about flash?

Postby jxqlovedzq » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:40 am

Flash is a tool used to create interactive rich media content, which including text, phones, music, video, vector graphics, voiceover and a wide variety of motion graphic effects and animation. These media content are played in browsers. The contents can be watched by a site visitor by a Flash browser plugin through developing a compile flash movie and html page that embed that movie and uploading both to a web server.

Flash can be adopted to create executables files, which can be played from a CD or from the desktop of either a PC or a Mac without any additional software. In this way, flash are always used to create online movies. A flash source file is also referred to a flash movie no matter it is actually an ad, a cartoon, a complete web site, a game, or some other flash application.

Flash movies today are so common thing to be seen on websites. And to make flash movies becomes a common thing to do. How to make it?

Before you started, you need the macromedia program “flash 5”. Then open the program, and click on any of the actions. If you have ever used a “paint” program on a computer, you will find that the toolbar and “stage” is very similar. You have the black and white arrows to hightlight objects and move them. The straight line below the arrows is the line tool used to make straight lines. To use the line, you simply click on the line icon and then click on the stage and drag the line. The tool that looks like a pen is used to make curved lines. It is a very advanced line tool and confusing to use when you first start out. The tool that has an "A" on it, that tool is used for inserting text in your flash. The circle tool is used for making circles, to use it you just simply click on the icon and then click anywhere on the stage and drag the circle to make it bigger or wider. The tool with the box on is for making boxes, it is used the same way as the circle tool is used. The pencil tool is used for drawing any kind of lines. The paintbrush tool is for painting anything.

To be viewable by visitors, it must be published to produce a swf file and html file. And the swf file can be watched only with adobe flash player. Sometimes it is a little inconvenient. So converting swf to other video formats is necessary. Therefore, the swf videos can be shared on Facebook or YouTube. Now swf video converter becomes necessary.

The software can convert swf to various videos formats. It can convert swf to bmpas the role of swf to bmp converter mac. It can import swf to adobe premiere and edit swf in adobe premiere. It is also the swf to dv converter. If you are iphone or ipad users, it also can convert swf to ipad, and swf to iphone.
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