What are green sand casting techniques on earth?

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What are green sand casting techniques on earth?

Postby megan2008 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 2:06 am

As we all know,sand casting in the investment casting compaines and iron casting foundry is one of the simpler methods of casting molten metal and is frequently used to mold metals with a low melting point; metals such as aluminum, bronze and silver.Sand casting is a simple process in which moistened sand is packed into a frame, given an indent in the shape of half of the object to be cast,and combined with another packed sand frame which also has a recess in the shape of half of the object to be made. Molten metal is then poured through a channel in the top of the combined cast and allowed to cool. If done correctly,the resulting item should have the exact shape of the item used to initially make the impression.However,few people knows what is green sand casting technique.

Green Sand

Green sand is the terminology used to describe the moist sand used in the casting process.Metalworkers often have their own recipes for green sand,with more traditional recipes containing some oil.There are numerous recipes available online for making your own green sand for small-scale metal casting applications.Recipes for green sand typically have a few things in common: several varying screen sizes and some sort of fixing agent.In some of the more environmentally-friendly versions of green sand,clay is used as the bonding agent along with trace amounts of water.Having too much water in a green sand mix can adversely affect the quality of the cast product.

Green Philosophy Applied to Sand Casting

When some people hear the term 'green sand casting', green sand used in the mold may be what comes to mind. Rather it is a philosophical approach to small-scale industrial production.Green philosophy when specifically applied to the process of sand casting typically means conservation of materials,energy and limiting the metalworker's environmental impact.Micro industry is a growing phenomenon amongst adherents of green philosophy, the primary idea being that of self-sufficient low-impact conservation and recycling.An example of micro industry would be recycling aluminum cans for use in the production of wind energy generating apparatuses.Another consideration when applying green philosophy to the processes of sand casting is the source from which the necessary heat energy is drawn. It's possible to attain the required heat by burning hydrogen generated via zero and lower emission sources.

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