VerifyError when trying to use JAR file

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VerifyError when trying to use JAR file

Postby behrapps » Thu Oct 28, 2010 4:16 pm

I have a JAR file that I have been using with my Java Servlet applications and now I am trying to see if I can use these classes in a Android app. I am able to import the JAR into my project but when I run the App it stops with a VerifyError in the LogCat pointing to one of the classes in the JAR file. Many of the posts indicate that the JAR files might be trying to access native Java methods that may not be available in Android. They suggest using the actual source code from the JAR file to get a more accurate error but the source code is not included with the JAR download. I contacted who made the JAR file but they will not provide source code and they said they currently don’t have an Android environment setup to debug this and don’t support it at this time. Has anyone else encountered this error or have any other ideas on what this error might mean?

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