using the best video converter for converting avchd video to

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using the best video converter for converting avchd video to

Postby markwonng » Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:17 am

You get some excellent footage from your JVC Everio camcorder, but the file is TOD format. If you want to edit these TOD files on Mac with FCP, FCE, iMovie or even play TOD files with Quicktime Player, converting TOD to MOV is the best choice.

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Some digital JVC Everio video camcorders save their videos in the .tod video format. These files only can be viewed using the Cyberlink software included with JVC video cameras. If you simply wish to view the files on your computer and want to convert TOD to MOV, just free download and run this Bros TOD to MOV Converter which could convert TOD to MOV (Adobe Premiere Pro and other video editing software, etc).

MOD and TOD videos are usually recorded by canon and Panasonic camcorders, MOD and TOD format is great for camcorder videos, but they are difficult to use, they are not supported by most editing software on Mac and windows, and you can’t play MOD and TOD files on quicktime or windows media player and other video players.

TOD Converter is a powerful converter which can convert all TOD files, like files in JVC TOD camcorders. It realizes a compatible of TOD converter and Mac. Of course, we also provide TOD to mov converter for MAC platform users, you can visit TOD Converter.

The following guide is written to help you to convert TOD to MOV with TOD to MOV Mac.

Step 1. Free download and run TOD to MOV for Mac.

After running Mac TOD to MOV Converter, click “Add” button to add the TOD files which you want to convert from your Mac.

Step 2. Select outut format and set a location for your files.

Click on "Format" bar and set a format which you want to convert.

Step 3. Click "Convert" button to start converting TOD format on Mac.

Of couser, if you would like, there are some editig fnctions to allow you make you videos before converting TOD

what is mod video format?

MOD and TOD are informal names of tapeless video formats used by JVC (MOD and TOD), Panasonic (MOD only) and Canon (MOD only) in some models of digital camcorders. Format names correspond to extensions of video files. Neither JVC nor Panasonic, who pioneered the format, explained the meaning of the file extensions, and the formats were never given an official name. ... 1e8572f873 ... 4#post8924
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