trim your mov files on windows

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trim your mov files on windows

Postby lindairion » Fri Apr 20, 2012 7:43 am

I tried AVS and it takes o/a 10 minutes to load up a file (while it's "caching" it) before I can even start editing it since that runs the CPU hard at 90%. Then when I'm done editing and go to save it, it takes like an hour just to create the resulting file, and that's just for a 7 minute video file! And I can't do anything for that hour since it demands 100% of the CPU (and the fan screams loudly) leaving the system hijacked during the process. Btw, I use the Task Manager to monitor processor usage in case you wondered.

Granted, it's an old BenQ desktop with XP, a single-core 3.2Ghz CPU, and 2GB DDR2, but there has to be some better programs out there that that aren't so demanding like AVS is. I'm afraid if I keep doing this, it's going to have a heart attack and die on me. I know, get a faster computer you say, but I can't afford one now. I'm just trying to edit all my videos so I can upload them to YouTube.

So, is there an efficient software to edit .mov files?

Sure, there is. iOrgsoft MOV Editor is right the software you are looking for. This MOV Editor can perfectly edit MOV files without quality loss. With it, you can add personal things such as image, text, audio and special effect to it and output parameters. The Guide below will show you how to edit mov files step by step.

Guide on How to edit mov files

Step 1: Load MOV files to the MOV Video Editor

After you download and install the mov editor Editor, run it. Then click Add Videos icon to load MOV files. You can preview the videos on the right windows.

Step 2: editing .mov files.

Drag the files to the video areas on the timeline, then you can edit them.

Advanced editions. You can add something special or personalized to the MOV files.

Add image and add audio. Drag image and video respectively to the video area A and B. You can change the place and length of the image on the timeline to change its appearing and lasting time on the video, then click Preview Movie to view the effect. You can add audio to videos just like adding image, what is different is you may need to cut audio when you add it to mov video editor.
Add transition. You can apply the provided transitions to join two video by drag the transition to the time line.

Step 3: Save MOV files. After finish editing, hit Save and publish to save MOV files. Here you can change video and audio parameters such as bit rate, encoder, resolution and so on. When finish settings, click Next to save the video.
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