threadid=n: still suspended after undo (s=1 d=1)

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threadid=n: still suspended after undo (s=1 d=1)

Postby peter_canthropus » Mon Dec 13, 2010 3:11 pm

Hey people,

i have 2 classes, my main activity and a "manager" class that takes care of a couple of things and works in another thread.

This is the Activity:

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public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    Manager m = new Manager();

And this the "Manager" class:

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Thread t;

public Manager() {
    t = new Thread(this);

public void startManager() {

public void run() {

Is really simple, as you can see and if i run the code there's no problem at all, but when i debug in Eclipse, doing "Step over" i get the error from the title:

threadid=: still suspended after undo (s=1 d=1)

This error comes out exactly after t.start();. After that point, if i run the code, it appears to works fine. But when i debug all i get line after line is that same message, so i can't know for sure what's happening with my code.

I jut don't get why this is happening, is like the most simple thread snippet possible.
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