The first five minutes of The Marchioness, in which Miller

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The first five minutes of The Marchioness, in which Miller

Postby Ever47 » Sat Nov 09, 2013 1:33 am

The first five minutes of The Marchioness, in which Miller gave a monologue destined to be learnt and repeated by drama students the world over, understood all that beautifully. It was meta in a not-too-pretentious way, acknowledging that Elementary has pulled the Holmes character out of time and plonked him in a context at odds with his heightened sense of perspicacity. (That his literary counterpart from two centuries earlier used cocaine and morphine without the provocation of Wi-Fi perhaps reveals the addict’s sense of ‘if [blank] were the case, then I wouldn’t use’ contingent blame). It was smart stuff, and well-performed.

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