The features and applications about die casting

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The features and applications about die casting

Postby megan2008 » Fri Nov 01, 2013 3:40 am

Because of the good fluidity and plasticity of copper, zinc, aluminum and aluminum alloy and the casting crafts,die casting not only can be made a variety of complex shapes,but also can be made with high precision and smoothness,which greatly reduces the machining capacity of casting and the casting margin of copper, zinc, aluminum and aluminum alloy. And it not only saves the consumption of electricity and metal materials,but also saves the labor costs.

Die castings are widely used in automobile manufacturing, internal combustion engines, motorcycles, motor manufacturing, pump manufacturing, transmission machinery, precision instruments, landscaping, electrical construction, architectural and other industries.

By using techonogy advance, and with our rich die casting experience, we defines the suitable die casting production methods for products, makes detailed SOP for quality assurance and make optimized opertation to reduce cost and lead time.

We know, a good design is the first important step for die casting toolings and dies manufacture. For this reason, we focuse a special attentions for the detaisl in dies construction, hot runner system, cooling channels and moving mechanisms to ensure the high quality parts can be achieved.

We has excellent engineers who are well skilled and over years of experienced on die casting tooling and mould design and manufacture. And they can ensure our customers quality requirements and try to go the extral mile service to meet customer satisfaction. For the benefit of our customers, we continually to improve our facilities and our staff's capability, including update our hardware and software programs in the company.

Our mould and tooling design workshop has a complete mold ( toolings, dies, moulds ) building facility equipeed with the latest solid modeling software, CNC and CAD/CAM capabilities. We are specialized in design and manufacturing precision plastic injection mould, die casting dies, aluminum die casting moulds, and Zinc die casting moulds, copper die casting moulds, and magnesium die casting moulds as well as producing those parts.

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