The code Mona was spewing.

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The code Mona was spewing.

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The code Mona was spewing.

however, we find out that we, Perception Episode 10 the viewers, have been duped by editing. It’s actually just Jason driving drunk. He crashes into a parked car, and Spencer hurries to get him home before the police arrive at the scene. Back at the Hastings’, Toby confronts Spencer once again. When the police, Wilden included, show up to question Spencer before she can retrieve her car, Toby lies to cover for her. Spencer plays along until the cops leave, but Toby is upset with her, at this point. Lying like that is a felony! This is Rosewood. Cowboy Builders Season 7 Episode 2 Anything goes, Toby! As it turns out, Mona just used the tweezers she stole from Hanna a few s back to break into the locked off Children’s Ward. Aria and Hanna followed Mona’s eerie cooing deep into the abyss of china dolls and rocking horses. When they finally came across Mona brushing a doll’s hair, she started speaking in code. “Miss Aria, you’re Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 1 a killer not Ezra’s wife.” “No one to save Ali from evil.” It seems like nothing, but it turns into something by the ’s end.After escaping the House on Haunted Hill, Aria and Hanna reminisced in bed. Ella called Aria. There was a silver lining to her date with Ted. She sort of fell for the owner of the coffee shop and ended up having a second first date. “She’s a slut,” Aria informed Hanna. Job well done, Ella! No more scarves, Ella! Before she could fall asleep, Hanna cracked the code Mona was spewing. We saw a flashback
Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 1 of Hanna and Mona out and about prior to learning Hanna’s secret. It seemed like nothing, just Ali’s dad screaming at Hanna in public, but we were let in on a secret code Mona developed to talk about people in front of their faces. For example, you could say “She lives under trees” to call a girl a “s-l-u-t” without her even knowing. Hanna blew it off in the flashback, but as it turns out, crazy Mona was singing her codes like “Maya knew” and “Not safe.” With Spencer’s brain, they managed to decode everything, leading them Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 1 to a website called M, which actually ended up being a picture of Maya with a space for a p word.The closed with A pulling a recorder out of one of the doll’s in Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 1the Children’s Ward.What did you all think of the ? Will Cece be annoying or useful? Is Alison even really dead? Is Mona on the A-Team or Team Hanna? Will Toby’s lie come back to haunt them? Who’s blood is on the bracelet? Is Cece like Ali, or was Ali like Cece?Bones Season 8 Episode 1 Do you think that your favorite actors ever look back on their careers and are shocked to remember the especially-terrible movies that they chose to be in?

Paul Giamatti is like, “I was in Big Momma’s House? Bones Season 8 Episode 1 What is wrong with me?”) Well, that sorta describes Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) life of late, as she slowly remembers “that night.” In other words, “that night” is her own personal Big Momma’s House — that is, something that she wishes had never, ever happened.Saying that Holden (and his silly fight club) was an essential part of last Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 1 is like saying that Luxembourg is an essential part of Europe. And yet we saw a return of the guy with the bad heart and the great hair. In fact, Holden possibly saw Emily on “that night,” as his hand stamp matches one that Em remembers seeing on someone at Sputnik’s diner, which is oh-so-conveniently located at the exact corner where her jacket was dropped off for the church..And somehow — despite the debacle of last week's hat party — Emily has managed to keep her job at the coffee place? Looks like there's such a thing as miracles after all! Wherein Hanna Realizes Why You Shouldn’t Go To Dances With Your Friend’s BoyfriendThis week, we learned that Hanna is basically Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 1 like King Midas, except that instead of turning things into gold, she can turn people into corpses (or near-corpses), as happened when Hanna planted that fake note on Garrett’s (Yani Gellman) mom. Come to think of it, Hanna would probably have preferred to turn Garrett’s mom into gold (or at least a Birken bag?).Does Hanna have a thing for Toby (Keegan Allen)? We wouldn’t have thought so, but she sure didn’t waste time when bringing up his name as the guy who would take her to the dance. And can you think of anything in history that was more awkward than that slow-dance between Hanna and Toby? Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 1 We sure can’t!This week, Detective Wilden was as irritating as ever, accusing Hanna of helping out Garrett (as if!) and also seeming to be willing to play dirty when it comes to breaking up Ms. Marin and her new boyfriend, Goober Ted. And by the way, the movie Ted would be a lot less interesting if, instead of being about a perverted teddy bear, it was about an ociate pastor who throws parties in the rec room. (Mark Wahlberg would surely not be friends with that Ted.) Why do people never find good things in sock drawers? Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 3
People always find creepy things in them, like Aria (Lucy Hale) finding that Ziploc baggie of cash in Ezra’s (Ian Harding) sock drawer. No one is ever like, “I saw what you were hiding in your sock drawer,” and the other person is like, “Oh, no — you found the photo of that puppy I was going to get you? Sir Barks-A-Lot was supposed to be a surprise!”
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