The change from Mazzara to Gimple was neither an improvement

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The change from Mazzara to Gimple was neither an improvement

Postby Ever47 » Tue Oct 08, 2013 11:15 pm

The change from Mazzara to Gimple was neither an improvement nor a huge step back for the show, which is about the best thing viewers would hope for under the circumstances. When you study the history of Western theatre, you learn that almost all tragedies until the twentieth century (and even many thereafter) were written either following the “rules” Aristotle supposedly outlined for the form, or in opposition to those rules: one main plot, one scene for all action, all action in a space of twenty-four hours.

When it comes to TV shows that involve leads with romantic tension between them, there are also rules that are followed, largely defined by mid-eighties series Moonlighting: leads must be kept apart, romantic tension must be maintained through near misses and plot twists, there is no actual happiness in happily ever after.

But Aristotle wasn’t saying how tragedy should be. He was describing some common elements in good tragedy. And Moonlighting wasn’t setting the standard for TV romances, either. In fact, it’s a poster child for what not to do.

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