South Korea beauty for loose practice platform has become a

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South Korea beauty for loose practice platform has become a

Postby gall » Thu Apr 04, 2013 2:58 am

With the development of Chinese women's golf tour to join the world integration organization, more choice of South Korean players looking for opportunities, they are becoming a newcallaway diablo edge irons force tour.Previously, the Chinese womcallaway razr x ironsen's tour is mainly divided into three forces: Chinacallaway x22 irons, Chinese Taipei and Thailand, the number of players in othercallaway x24 irons countries or regions of the few, most of the time is a sporadic entries. But this year has seen a big change, a total of 5 Korean player by last week's international qtaylormade r11 ironsualification examination, obtain the card this year, one of the best of Zheng Yina. She tied for twentieth in the Shanghai women's championship.

"Chinese golf market is more and more big, the game more and more, so to come here to play." 24 years old from Seoul's Zheng Yina talked about why choose China LPGA Tour said.

Zheng Yina actually did not expect that you can pass, she decided totaylormade burner 2.0 irons temporarily increase station, Ningbo Oriental race. She said in Shanghai at the time of their status is not good. "This winter, I do not like the other players have to Southeast Asia training. By the time I arrived in Shanghai state is not good, a little dissatisfied with my performance, but the performance on the reaction of my currtaylormade r9 ironsent state."

With the end of a game and a few days of training, Zheng Yina has felt the state is recovering, but she did not make the position of the target. "I don't think I can get any position now, as long as I get Par 1, par 2taylormade rocketballz irons can, I hope my score in the 70 bar around." Zheng Yina said.

Unlike other South Korean players, Pu Zhen Xi last year began in the Chinese women's tour, she was ranked twenty-eighth on the money list last year, so this year to qualify automatically for the. "I think the Chinese women's tour environment is very good, here is to relax, this is a very good platform for me. In South Korea, my pressure is quite large, because there are too many outstanding athletes." At the age of 23 from the same Seoul Park Town and said, "the Chinese course, the price is very cheap, very suitable for practice, plus a big market in China, so I chose here."

Compared with other South Korean contestant, Pu Zhenxi know more about Chinese women's tour, so she has set a higher goal. "Now my target is to win. I want to fight for the victory here." Pu Zhenxi said.

Based on the spot South Korean magazine "Golf Guiping g15 ironsde" the Beijing correspondent Pu Binghuan introduced, the Chinese women's tour of South Korea member, most should be a piece of love. Indeed, Kataya Li used to represent the klpga participated in the modern automobile China ladies open, but her performance in the Shanghai women's elite tournament only general, received only tied for 35 place.
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