[Emulator] Slowdown on landscape mode

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[Emulator] Slowdown on landscape mode

Postby benny! » Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:48 pm


does anyone also experience a slowdown of the emulator when running an app in landscape mode ?

I am currently working on a little game that draws on the canvas. I started testing it in portrait mode - everything works finde. Today I switched to landscape mode and it really slowed down (feels like it loses ~25% of fps, did not test the actual frame drop).

First I though it depends on the code - but when I test the code on my real device - there is no difference between portrait and landscape mode? So, I think it is something about the emulator?

The virtual device is Device API version is 4 (Android 1.6).

Anyone any ideas on that?

Thanks in advance,
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