Sleeve dress exploration Kiyoaki

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Sleeve dress exploration Kiyoaki

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Sleeve dress exploration Kiyoaki
Every woman loves to dress life which will always do everything possible to seize the opportunity of a skirt sleeve of a robe flying. Sunny days, even in the fall, they can also dress dance flying. Thicker fabric sleeve dress, take Waichuan were suitable.
01 handsome army green, personalized badges, chest patch pockets, everywhere reveals the military temperament. The deep V-neck, angular, modified face. The loose pleated skirt, walking between light flying. Both sides of the large pockets of decoration, to make it more three-dimensional discount karen millen dresses crisp.
02 College temperament of black and white checkered, pure, purer, clarity, convergence and then pouring, the shape of the sweet girl next door outspoken temperament. White lace collar stitching, both sweet and intellectual. Cuff elastic income side, the rope out of the three-dimensional sleeve type.
03 to noble atmosphere, dignified and elegant play to the extreme black dress, commuter wearing to the party, decent and generous, easily deal with. Cross the low V-neck, play the art of playing hard, to provoke the heterosexual imagination. Fold girdle, to enhance the waist, stretch the legs ratio.
04 double lace, soft beige, the interpretation of Lolita Princess wind. The high-waist design lap length of 20 cm, to stretch the leg lines, slender and delicate. Chest and delicate lace stitching, every detail did not karen millen dresses forget the shape of a sweet temperament.
05 The black dots in the iron-gray against the background, cheering in the light and joy of dance, mature women solemn add a hint of relaxed affinity. Puff enhance the shoulder line, more slender arm. Bow girdle, to karen millen dress show off the three-dimensional breast shape at the same time modified the upper and lower body proportion.
06 conservative gray, calm temperament, with a simple, do not devote so much energy can also wear clothing with unique qualities. Simple lines, paste the fit line, graceful posture immediately show graceful temperament is nowhere to hide. Waist bow belt, split out the golden ratio.
07 silver-gray cold, lonely pride, preferring highbrow never follow the crowd. Retro printing, simple and elegant and exudes old-lady-like aloof temperament. Cheongsam-style crop cultivation, highlighting the slim figure. Black satin girdle, a sense of quality is excellent.
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