Seven songs convey the emotional energy with the seven color

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Seven songs convey the emotional energy with the seven color

Postby xiakarens » Wed Aug 22, 2012 4:05 am

Seven songs convey the emotional energy with the seven colors
Long ago wanted to do a music and color theme, of course, they are not certain associated, just the listener from listening to their feelings, matching subjective color. But this is a very interesting thing, it has some meaning, so you can share. If you have ever heard a song tears, consoled or be touched by it, then I believe you will like the theme.
01 Dana Glover - it is you i have loved VS red
"Shrek" theme song, the melody and warm in Dana Glover unique, intriguing voice full of love sweet happiness, from the initial crooning shallow sung later steadfast courage, still has sails had to do and a people stay together assured with Thanksgiving.
Red sweet watermelon red, flower-shaped round neck dotted with a row of pearls, a distance, like a necklace-like distribution of noble elegance. Puff shoulders enhance the beauty, flared hem with lace stitching seems a blooming morning glory.
02 John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Road VS Green
John Denver, one of the sexy costumes for women great country singer in Europe and the United States in the 1970s, the song "Country Roads take me home" Every time I listen to have a kind he could feel the breeze of intimacy, as if left in that green country lane. High-pitched and clear interpretation of John Denver song plenty of touching emotion, the chanting poet who loves nature finally crashed his aircraft by car, to Soul he loves the sea and the sky.
The collar and cuffs embellished with hand-beading, shiny gorgeous flu. Emerald green silk chiffon light and elegant, fresh and elegant, reminiscent of the spring wilderness. Loose models are not limited stature, to the remarkable stature can be tied at the waist a belt.
03 Hu Defu - Pacific Wind VS Blue
Hu Defu Taiwan folk artist, first "Pacific Wind" first touched my the melody, then it was poetic and cheerful soulful lyrics, Hu Defu an undressed pure deep voice sang beautiful home love lyrics full of imagery. I did not blowing wind in the Pacific, but felt its breath in the song.
Navy blue fabric and white diagonal stripes, like the Pentium endless sea waves, quiet, resonant, open, filled with a sense of freshness. The characteristics of swing collar also brings a feminine lines of the United States.
04 Club 8 - love in December VS white
Club 8 band lead singer the Karolina Komstedt sound as soft and delicate, velvety called a real gas if the orchids can stir up the most delicate and sensitive nerve. The song "Love in December" to sing the cold winter in the plus size costumes warm and pure love, in the quiet of the night listening to quite hypnotic effect, they would feel the gentle sympathy.
The models of the doll-sweet, cute, white chiffon fluttered, full of romantic aesthetic. Clothing and body position from the chest down, double-layer design, bring layering also cleverly prevent emptied.
05 Eric Patrick Clapton - wonderful tonight VS Purple
Eric Patrick Clapton song "wonderful tonight" is known as one of the fifty of the world's most beautiful love songs, the melody is beautiful and moving, full of romantic, plus Eric Patrick Clapton intoxicating singing, reminiscent of a sky starry night, a charming lady wearing purple evening dress met a lovely gentleman, the two first sight of the scene.
His breast lotus leaf lace design aesthetic and elegant, romantic visual beauty, dotted with lace on the stand-up collar, clothes full of feminine. Cuffs embellished with a layer of sequins, shining charming luster. Gauze sleeves so the Yubi looming, feminine and sexy.
06 Adele - rolling in the deep VS Gray
This is the first normal place of residence of the major European and American music charts melody sounds smooth, sung very wide. This is a song about lost love, the interpretation of a touch of sadness and regret, but the final after another heartbreaking strong, giving a feeling of elegance enchanted. Beautiful and powerful rhythm, stunning adele slightly hoarse voice.
Gray distribution of low-key elegance, natural breast on the tree and owl vivid, rich and apathy. Not thin or thick knit fabric is perfect for early spring wearing. Tighten the cuff and under the swing-up role in shaping good.
michael Jackson is the genius of the musical community, and the world of dance, regardless of public opinion, how to say, no one can be denied the extraordinary accomplishments of his music, almost the first piece of classical songs he personally authored, including "Earth Song" is touching, and indeed said Chanticleer for. The prelude to the song as if spring BUZZ instant filmmaking. The whole song is full of compassion and care for the earth and human encounter questioned, if not a love of the heart of how to create such a shocking works? The whole song makes me think of black depression, solemn, struggling, shouting Earth this should be the blue planet.
Serpentinite hit the color lace doll collar highly significant big style, Puff shoulders shapely received irregular pleated lace hem design aesthetic dimensional Slim models elegant, high-end fashion, ladies should be like.
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