Separating foods/sauces on plate...who does this?

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Separating foods/sauces on plate...who does this?

Postby alaxwilson » Sat May 11, 2013 8:35 am

Evening all,

I went out with my sister afew days ago for a curry and she ordered a korma and I ordered a pathia and we said we would share, now for me "sharing" foods especially currys or other "wet" foods is abit of a nightmare. I really hate sauces touching each other, beans can't touch ketchup, different curry sauces can't touch etc etc, if it does then that area of my plate is contaminated and won't eat that bit if food. I sound like a complete freak. Now me and my sister have eaten together since we were little and my little issue has got worse as I've got older, when we went out for a curry she did the exact same thing as me which is to put the rice in the middle as a shield and build up to the curry sauces until you have two separate areas of curry to eat. I was just wondering if there's anybody else who does this as bad as me? Like seriously I hate it when people suggest sharing curry dishes because the separating out really stresses me out. We probably sound mental but I found a friend who does similar.

Does anybody know why we might do this?

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