SDK Manager & HTC wildfire

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SDK Manager & HTC wildfire

Postby Xfool » Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:02 am

Hy guys I've got a bit of a problem over here. I want to use my wildfire for testing apps as a emulator in eclipse. Problem is that in SDK manager cant ''find'' my phone. So far i download the USB driver package, revision 3. But when i connect to the computer the windows cant find the drivers in directory "....\android-sdk-windows\usb_driver". Then i installed HTC sync since it has usb drivers, but still i couldnt see it in SDK manager. I runned ddms where i'm able to see my phone. At the end i deleted the drivers and installed PdaNet, the result was the same.
I wonder what i'm i missing ?
Btw what option should i choise when i connect phone to the computer ? ( Charge only, HTC sync etc. )
And yes i set my phone to USB Debug mode

I'm using Windows XP SP3 & Wildfire is not rooted ( 2.1 android )

I hope my english is fine and thank you for your answers =)
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