sdcard not showing anything through adb.exe

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sdcard not showing anything through adb.exe

Postby mgaurav » Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:10 pm

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I am trying to run my project on nexus one android os to measure some statistics. I have installed android sdk on my desktop. when I go to tools and adb.exe and I try to see the contents of /sdcard (through shell). It doesn't show anyhting and says it is readonly file system. doing "ls -l" shows that there are no permissions set at all for sdcard directory ad I can't change them also. I also cannot copy anything into sdcard through adb.exe.
Another weird thing is that in /etc/fstab it shows /sdcard with rw permission. I am completely clueless as to why it is happening. Its pretty urgent. Any help will be appreciated.

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