Running the emulator instructions are wrong

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Running the emulator instructions are wrong

Postby JoshK » Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:32 am

I have my app compiled already, and now I want to run it in the emulator. I am not using Eclipse.

This says I need an AVD: ... l#starting

Okay, let's read about AVDs: ... ls/avd.htm

The easiest way to create an AVD is to use the graphical AVD Manager, which you can launch from Eclipse or from the command line using the android tool. The android tool is provided in the tools/ directory of the Android SDK.

The android tool? All I see is a .bat file called android.bat.

When you run the android tool without options, it launches the graphical AVD Manager.

That graphical AVD Manager sounded pretty nice. Unfortunately, double-clicking Android.bat just opens and closes a cmd window.
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