Problem with GPSLocationProvider - Cannot Enable

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Problem with GPSLocationProvider - Cannot Enable

Postby frankn » Wed Apr 28, 2010 5:34 pm


I am making an application using WikiTude but I am having problems enabling the GPS in the emulator.

AVD uses the following settings:

Google API (Api 7)
hw.gps = yes

2 gig sd card.

In the AVD, when I enable the GPS I get the following message in ddms when I try to enable the GPS in the emulator:

GPSLocationProvider : enable
GPSLocationProvider : cannot enable the location provider.

The weird thing is, I managed to get it working when creating a new AVD. I am trying it just now, create a new AVD, and voila it starts working again.

Furthermore, I am using WikiTude and it crashes once its not activated (I think). Using the fake geo fix commands and a listener I do not receive coordinates (obviously since its not activated).

Since Iam working with WikiTude and I dont feel like creating a new AVD every time, installing wikitude and then program.. how is it possible the GPS keeps disabling permanently?

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