Problem importing

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Problem importing

Postby pythonboots » Tue Sep 20, 2011 3:14 pm

Hello to everybody,
my name is Marco, I'm a newbie as a forum user and as a Android developer.
The issue I'd like to share with you is - I think - quite simple for somebody who already have some experience with Android. What happens is that I need to work in a previously developed project, which contains references to subclasses. I installed GTK and NDK on my Mac OSX but couldn't import those packages. After googling a while I realized that those packages should not be imported, since they are internal Android packages.
What happens now is that I'd like to run the project at least once, in order to debug it and discover whether those packages are really needed or not. I got to know that the only way to import those packages is to build Android from the source code, so I downloaded the branch from GIT and tried to build it. I'm not sure I succeeded, I saw some error messages but couldn't see anything like "building interrupted", so I don't know. Anyway now I don't know how I should use the compiled Android code I (hopefully) have provided myself. Should I import it in the project in any way? Are there others way to import the* packages?

Thank you very much in advance, and sorry if it's a silly question, as probably is.
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