Place holds down strip has the gap not evenly along the stri

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Place holds down strip has the gap not evenly along the stri

Postby qishisui » Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:39 am

Place holds down strip has the gap not evenly along the strip uneven bikkembergs scarpe , the strip attachment has been uneven overflows the rubber, the flash, the dew helps about the foot symmetry a design to be different, the length is different, about the single, before the shoe heel size, the height varies only lifting to vary is unqualified classifies A B B B B C C C C B B C the gang to cover the size to vary, the first gang encircles the height to vary, the river mouth size, the depth vary, after C, helps the height, the size to vary, before in Baotou length, the size vary the sandals, to vary spatially, the slipper clamps the foot belt length to vary the shoes facial color and, a grain of surface, the down thick vary C C to eliminate table thin 4Arranges in order not qualified outside, other influences wear are unqualified list as B kind not to be unqualified, affect artisticly are unqualified list as C kind not to be unqualified. The appearance quality is unqualified counts in pair of shoes to have one not to be unqualified, is unqualified according to one pair counts. Pair of shoes have one item or above one item are unqualified, by most serious one item is unqualified carries on the statistics. Wraps in the support to match colors the unqualified quantity by to move this packing case the least dual statistics which should exchange for the correct disposition. The fifth bikkembergs sito ufficiale section the footwear examination common flaw the flaw explained that 1, bottom is crooked: Outside the bottom glue is not positive. 2nd, breaks the bottom: Outside bottom jackknifing. 3rd, broken line: Uppers of shoes part' s tailoring Line break. 4th, jumps the line: The sewing needle foot appears interrupted. 5th, the shoes lining broken: The shoes lining have the crack. 6th, the symbol is not positive: The symbol to press the stipulation spot to paste is creating crookedly. 7th, the eyelet is uneven: On the uppers of shoes the eyelet flushes the dislocation. 8th, chromatic aberration: In the identical pair rubber shoes the uppers of shoes or shoes' various parts' color depth varies. 9th, pleats: The uppers of shoes part hits jian folds the phenomenon. 10th, loose surface: When examination will change the surface the grain of surface necked-in 90 degrees, on a grain of surface presents the big wrinkle, after draining, the wrinkle does not vanish calls the loose surface. 11th, heavy wrinkle: Serious loose surface phenomenon ciabatte bikkembergs uomo .
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