null pointer exception errors

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null pointer exception errors

Postby jjanes » Fri May 04, 2012 7:32 am

OK out of the blue everything in Eclipse started generating null pointer exceptions refreshing the project list, deleting a file, even loading the tool bar when eclipse first opens I am using my normal process for building apps which is to copy one project to another name change the manifest and the launch configurations etc. and today when I tried it everything blew up. I am on a MAC running an upgrade to LION and I am not toally familiar with how everything is setup I am used to how PC did things and mac confuse me in this regard. Eclipse has been fine for a long time about 3 weeks ago I upgraded to to the lastest version of eclipse Helios and everything was still good I stated this App a few days ago and finished it this afternoon and all was well i copied it to another projectname to make a lite version and all Heck broke free. I tried Time MAchine and moved the android SDK folders in Application s back to what it was like this morning with no benefit still get all the same null pointerexception erros on basic operational functions of eclipse not any App. I am beginnign to think it may be that my java install somehow got corrupted does that make sense or are there any other ideas. if it is java in LION can it be uninstalled and then reinstalled or what else can I look at. Please giveme any ideas youmay have.
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