Not able to update contact name in emulator 2.1

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Not able to update contact name in emulator 2.1

Postby rishabh » Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:58 am


I am tring to update name of existing contact in android 2.1 emulator with the following code but always getting "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Emplty values" Exception.

ContentValues contactValues = new ContentValues();
contactValues.put(People.NAME, "rishabh");
getContentResolver().update(UpdateContactUri, contactValues, null, null);

UpdateContactUri is the uri of existing contact with id 4. It is working on emulator 1.6 but not on 2.1.

One more thing i need to ask how can i access indivisual fields of Name(first, middle, last) and Address(Street, city, state, zip, country) in 2.1
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