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noob question

Postby gropapa » Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:44 pm

hii everyone, i am a flash developer currently learning some android dev and i have some (noob) questions:
to code i use eclipse / ADT on mac
since i am french I apologize for my english
- is there a way i can launch an emulator (or something like that) to test my program without having to wait for the statup of the virtual device? like i want to test my program regardless any performance test jeust to know if it works, everytime i test it, it takes ages to start !
- once in a while even i clean & build the whole project, when i modify & relaunch it i still have an older version of the program running on the emulator...i don't know why, could you please give me an explanation please
- just to make my search easy, do anybody know good ressources about some particle field rendering
and for those who know flash a bit, the equivalent (and less CPU expensive way) way of using bitmapdata for rendering

thank you guys!
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