MyTouch Emulator?

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MyTouch Emulator?

Postby myshoes » Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:21 pm

Hi, the MyTouch phone will not run apps that are "locked", and Google's market setup won't allow locked apps to be unlocked without releasing an all new version of the app and leaving it forever unlocked. I don't care, I only locked it on a whim one day and now I greatly regret this as this app is in the top 20 and essentially useless for MyTouch users.

Question: Is there a MyTouch emulator that any developer knows about? I've updated to the latest android SDK, run the app with the 1.5 Google adb settings and still, nobody with a MyTouch can use the app. T-Mobile is being so kind as to sell me a phone for $500 :( I just bought another G1 for the strict purpose of testing on it (as I don't care for a phone without the keyboard or I would have gotten the MyTouch) and now am left scratching my head.

Anyone? Thanks for your reply...
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